Assessing Your People-Related Legal and Financial Risks

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Employees are your company's greatest asset and typically also its greatest cost.  Managing both aspects of the "people side" of your business is no small task.  In particular, on the cost side, it's possible your risk is greater than you might have guessed.  Have you been keeping up with employee-related legal rulings?   

  • A hospital that ignored ongoing harassment of a female neurosurgeon, and discouraged her from filing a formal complaint, was found liable for $1.6 million in damages and $1.3 million in attorney fees. (Details)
  • An employer that deviated from past hiring practices, and selected a high level management applicant using criteria not listed in the job announcement, was found liable for national origin discrimination.  The court ordered the employer to place the plaintiff in the position.  (Details)
  • An employer that failed to train and coach a disabled pharmacy technician, and reassigned him instead to parking lot duties for which he was overqualified, was levied a $2.5 million verdict by a jury. (Details)
  • Employers defending Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuits must go to trial to prove that employee job duties are “primarily” exempt.  FLSA overtime judgments are generally doubled. (Details)

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